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There is no such thing as the purpose of divorce.

This was the first sentence of the District Court in Kraków in 1998, addressed to me. Official declaration of the exercise of judicial power with concealed intentions. Of course, the judgment was announced. When asked what goal we pursue, the Court constantly informs "the judgment is legally binding". Covered targets too, I think. The default purpose of the court was to show power.

The proposed definitions only reflect the views of the author.


Protected entity, protected values, purpose, ways of achieving the goal


The causes of the conflict


Forcing a way to achieve the goal

Agreement = sentence + justification.

Negotiating an agreement is the first method of conflict resolution, not the last or an alternative.

A sentence is a declaration of the participant`s intention.

Communication rules:

1. Disclosure of intentions

2. Mutual determination of the causes of the conflict

3. Negotiating an agreement

4. Term of validity of the agreement

5. Implementation control

Communication options:

- negotiations

- mediation

- court

In the third option, all functions of the menu shown above are available.

In the proposed concept of conflict resolution, there is no room for forcing behavior by judgment.

The goal of the parties is to agree on the operative part. In case of failure, the sentence is announced by the Manager.

Test the application freely, freely. The author asks for comments.