Communication in conflicts

Intentions in social action

1. The personally perceived causes of the conflict

2. Entity requiring protection

3. Protected values

4. Own goal, which would also be the goal of the team

5. Ways to achieve the goal

Verification of the active participant`s intentions:

- request to reveal intentions

- publicly exposing the falsehood of the message

- jury`s verdict.

App contains all the functions necessary in negotiations, mediation, and court proceedings.

Using the application is free.


Possible functions in the team: Initiator, Mediator, Manager, Invited, Visitor, Judge, Witness, Expert.

A case can be created by participants in the first three functions.

The initiator will trigger the negotiation option with the option of inviting a second participant and going to the mediation or court option.

The mediator will trigger the mediation option with the option of calling two further participants and going to the court option.

The manager will invoke the court option with the option to appoint parties (2 participants).

In all three options the draft sentence is negotiated.

Jurors and an Expert may be appointed by the Executive.

The Visitor (one) and witnesses can be appointed by the parties - Initiator or Invitee.

Appointing a participant comes down to selecting a function and selecting a password for editing.