Conversation in conflicts

Causes of the conflict

Protected entity

Protected values


Ways of achieving the goal

Intentions / The essence of protection

Intentions towards other entities can be overt, hidden, true or false. They are variable, depending on the behavior of other participants.

They can have a vector of good, bad, indifferent will in active, passive, conscious, unconscious action.

Conflict resolution requires honesty in disclosing one`s intentions to others.

If the goal of the team is to reach an agreement, it is necessary to agree on the basic conditions:

- cessation of all activities towards the other party except conversation,

- refraining from concealing real goals,

- resignation from the use of force, power, deceit,

- searching for and defining the common good.

Negotiation of intentions concerns the protected entity, the protected value, the purpose and method of protection.

Consent to the draft sentence presented by the other participant is treated as a state of agreement.

In the event of a disagreement, the sentences in this form are announced by the Manager and the expiry date is indicated.