Resolve the conflict with the help of family, friends.

Proposed definitions of basic concepts:

Subject matter

The real purpose of the Initiator or Manager in the case.

Essence of case

Participant's intentions: Protected entity, protected values, purpose, proposed methods.

Reasons for the conflict.


The essence of the matter as agreed in the parties' negotiations.


The essence of the matter presented by the Manager.

Rules for showing aim to others

1. Appointed to others sincerely within the limits of the common good

2. Formulated briefly, clearly, unambiguously, in one sentence

3. Achievable, not yet implemented

4. The goal indicates the value, method of action

5. Objectives and methods must not be contradictory

6. Goals earlier, ways later

7. Formulated in such a way that it is possible to control the implementation

8. Connects contradictions

9. Added value

Court threats

Power, accusation, extortion of behavior with hidden intentions.

Allowing the court to act on the Initiator with concealed intentions.

Unrecognized winner's intentions.

Extortion of behavior with a sentence not preceded by a sentence.

Depriving the possibility of enforcing the openness of the court's intentions.

The parties are not allowed to talk (negotiate) in the presence of the court.

Harmfulness of the parties' agreement to a third party.


New case - select the lifetime of the data and record a random case key.

After the selected time has elapsed, all data related to the case are deleted.

After the first login with the key, you will receive a random editing password. Save the password.

Log in with this password. Open Negotiation, present the intentions and causes of the conflict.

Open Invitations. Remember the random password for the Invitee.

Provide the invitee with the website address, case key and password for editing.

Use the best methods you know to make the Invited person join the negotiations.

The Negotiations present the intentions and reasons for the conflict entered by all participants - Initiator, Invited, Mediator / Manager. The manager acts as the judge. The aim of the negotiations is a compromise.

The Invited and the Initiator are partners in the search and protection of the common good.

If the Initiator has specified the intentions and causes of the conflict, the Invited is obliged to negotiate an agreement.

Intention control
Who presents Initiator Invited Manager
Consent to the draft sentence / sentence Complete agreement, identification Distance, lack of recognition Partial consent to the sentence
Consent to negotiate Yes No
Openness of intentions Revealed: entity protection, value, effect, ways Hidden. No information available to identify the intent transparency of intentions mixed
Goal implementation status Designed goal Realized Achieved
Initiator Acts consciously, reasonably In affect Insanity
The rightness of action Justified No justification Partially justified
Honesty Goodwill, real motives and goals Manipulation, false information, hidden appeals, contempt for the principles of setting goals Mixed honesty
Usefulness Personal interest Good of common Utility empty

Goal control

1. Who is the initiator of the matter, who is in protection?

2. In what conditions will the harm not be reported?

3. For what reason is agreement of the parties not possible?

4. With what useful result it is to force a certain behavior?

Results control

5. Is the one who was supposed to be protected satisfied with the result of protection?

6. Has the repair been carried out?

7. Have the causes of the conflict been removed?

8. Was the means of forcing behavior as agreed?