Online Court of Peace concept


Idea of protection in the case:

Protected entity

Protected value (good of common)

Purpose of protection



Order of specific action.


Result of jury vote, usually yes / no answer.

Sentences in conflicts may be explicit, concealed, honest or falsely presented.

In a fair trial, the sentence of protection is disclosed before the judgment.

Secret sentences may not be implemented.

The goal of conflict management is to motivate to seek and protect the good of common.

The path to consent

Negotiations / Mediation / Court of Peace

The Consent Decree application leads to the reconciliation of the text of the Sentence.

Court of Peace

The way of dealing in conflicts, where the sentence as an idea of protection is not an act of power but the result of negotiations.

Judicial Added Value

Share of cases concluded with consent to the sentence in the total number of cases reported.


If you want to resolve a conflict using this page, prepare your own sentence design.

1.Protected entity (person, group of people, family, organization).

2.Protected values. Generally binding rules.

3.Your goal. Expected state of the common good.

4.Effective ways to achieve the goal.


1. You can choose negotiations, mediation or a court of peace. The options differ in the functions available.

2. The participants' task is to agree on the sentence of the protection.

3. After registration, the application requests the Initiator to present a goal to the team.

The goal is a formally determined and expected to be achieved in the future, resulting from the socio-economic needs of the environment in which the system operates (A. Stabryła, J. Trzecieniecki 1982, s. 316).

The goal is closely related to the motives of action or conscious fulfillment of a specific need.

Rules for setting goals in social action

a. One goal, one sentence.p>

b. Goodwill and common good.

c. Expected useful result.

d. Formulated so that it is possible to control the implementation.

e. Within the limits of care, repair, rescue.

f. The participants' goals may be different, the manager's goal common to all.

5. After saving, only the manager can change the goal for the team.

6. After logging in to the edition, complete the sentence design form.

7. You can delete a case if the Invitee has not logged in yet.

8. If the Invited person negotiates, the removal of the case requires the consent of two participants.


1. Log in to the case with the key.

2. You will receive a temporary password from the initiator.

3. To negotiate the sentence project, log in to edit.

Mediator / Justice of the Peace

Process team management.

Witness and hearing.


Voting of lay judges.

Announcement of the sentence. The term of validity.

Correction of sentences during validity.

Change of participant

Return to mediation

Cassation of the case


1. Log in with the key to the case and the password received from the manager.

2. Voting may be ordered:

- One question. Yes / no answer.

- Four questions,

- also choose one of 10 options.