Court of Peace design


It is about the essence of the case

It has three meanings:

- static (Consent Status)

- functional (Action aimed at agreement, e.g. conversation, negotiation, mediation)

- attribute (state features, actions - true, false, useful to other people, harmful etc.)

The essence of the case

- Intentions

- Causes of the conflict

- Result of the team's action on.


Intent, sentence, justification for activity towards other people.

- Protected entity

- Protected value

- Purpose

- Way to achieve the goal


Used in legal proceedings. It is not a category of agreement.

Concerns a fragment of the sentence - ways of achieving goals.

It is an obedience enforcement.


A necessary function of the manager is to control the results.

Whether the methods used are as agreed.

Goal achievement status


The essence of the case


Participant Protected persons Common good purpose of protection Ways
Initiator project
Invited project

When there is no agreement

The cause of the conflict

Initiator: State in which the harm will not be reported

Invited: Comment on the position of the Initiator

Manager: Justification for the necessity to intervene




Status of the sentence execution

Usefulness of acting for the common good